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Intratumoral injection of melatonin enhances tumor regression in cell line-derived and patient-derived xenografts of head and neck cancer by increasing mitochondrial oxidative stress 22 September 2023
Targeting the retinoic acid signaling pathway as a modern precision therapy against cancers 22 September 2023
Activation of the mevalonate pathway in response to anti-cancer treatments drives glioblastoma recurrences through activation of Rac-1 22 September 2023
Melatonin as a regulator of apoptosis in leukaemia: molecular mechanism and therapeutic perspectives 20 September 2023
From molecular basis to clinical insights: a challenging future for the vitamin D endocrine system in colorectal cancer 20 September 2023
Melatonin suppresses Akt/mTOR/S6K activity, induces cell apoptosis, and synergistically inhibits cell growth with sunitinib in renal carcinoma cells via reversing Warburg effect 16 September 2023
Protective effects of exogenous melatonin therapy against oxidative stress to male reproductive tissue caused by anti-cancer chemical and radiation therapy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of animal studies 16 September 2023
Melatonin Prevents Depression but Not Anxiety-like Behavior Produced by the Chemotherapeutic Agent Temozolomide: Implication of Doublecortin Cells and Hilar Oligodendrocytes 16 September 2023
Of sight, and insight into melatonin’s role in breast cancer? 02 September 2023
Melatonin modulates tumor metabolism and mitigates metastasis 26 August 2023
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