Title Created Date
Two neuroendocrine G protein-coupled receptor molecules, somatostatin and melatonin: Physiology of signal transduction and therapeutic perspectives (from Di Bella's Foundation) 06 November 2020
Effects of somatostatin, curcumin, and quercetin on the fatty acid profile of breast cancer cell membranes (from Di Bella's Foundation) 14 September 2020
Effects of Somatostatin and Vitamin C on the Fatty Acid Profile of Breast Cancer Cell Membranes (from Di Bella's Foundation) 09 November 2019
The Entrapment of Somatostatin in a Lipid Formulation: Retarded Release and Free Radical Reactivity (from Di Bella's Foundation) 24 September 2019
The over-expression of GH/GHR in tumour tissues with respect to healthy ones confirms its oncogenic role and the consequent oncosuppressor role of its physiological inhibitor, somatostatin: a review of the literature (from Di Bella's Foundation) 19 December 2018
Over-Expression of GH/GHR in Breast Cancer and Oncosuppressor Role of Somatostatin as a Physiological Inhibitor (from Di Bella's Foundation) 14 September 2018
Solution of retinoids in vitamin E in the Di Bella Method biological multitherapy 01 April 2016
Osteogenesis from Dental Pulp Derived Stem Cells: A Novel Conditioned Medium Including Melatonin within a Mixture of Hyaluronic, Butyric, and Retinoic Acids (Di Bella's Foundation) 18 March 2016
Cytochalasin B influence on megakaryocyte patch-clamp 11 September 2015
Key aspects of melatonin physiology: 30 years of research (from Di Bella's Foundation) 10 June 2013
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