That's way of the world (unfortunately)...

Published on Thursday, 10 July 2014

That's way of the world (unfortunately)... ...and you (and all of us) will pay the price!...and you (and all of us) will pay the price!


Here's what happens if the Di Bella Foundation sends its scientific work at the "International Congresses" or at the most prestigious "Academic Journals"! Because you must be fully aware of it!


March 2013

Given the impressive results achieved, in the Foundation is decided to send the work on 20 cases of breast cancer treated only with DBM (see below or "Breast cancer: evaluation of the safety and efficacy of the first-line treatment in 20 cases") to the world's most prestigious journal in the field, that is the Breast Cancer Research.


About this publication.


The work, that fortunately will be published later by Neuroendocrinology Letters, after a longtime which evidently was necessary to the Scientific Committee to "think about", is being refused because (exact words): "The trial of 1998 had decreed the ineffectiveness of DBM..."! (see "Di Bella Method - Di Bella experimentation: Why did it fail?" and, also, "The truth about the clinical trial of 1998"). We were "flabbergasted"!

Can you understand? Twenty (20) cases of breast cancer, not one, but twenty (20!), without any previous treatment, not even surgery, which represent a new and unprecedented success in the treatment of breast cancer (from the clinical point of view) and a new concept and rationally advanced of the therapeutic concepts in oncology, are dismissed to the sender for this reason, without going into details!

This is the kind of "scientific curiosity" and "intellectual honesty" that pervades the rooms of the so-called "genius doctors"!? We are in their hands, in those of people that are standing, and are being described, as "High Degree Scientific Committees" and that there are nothing else but referential bodies of the "power centre" that stands behind them.

And then, the Foundation has been accused that it publishes only on "friendly" journals (i.e. Neuroendocrinology Letters) with a minor "Impact Factor" (IF, see also "Why you should not use the journal Impact Factor to evaluate research" and "Declaration recommends eliminate the use of Impact Factor for research evaluation")!? I ask you!


April 2014

Completely "unexpected", to the office of M.D. Di Bella arrives an invitation to participate to the World Conference on Breast Cancer scheduled for the month of October in Orlando (Florida).

"Probably", this invitation is the result of previous contacts between the Di Bella Foundation and a clinical oncology in the same city in the U.S., honestly interested to know our therapeutic approaches, and is likely that they added our names among the recipients of the official invitations.

Well, Foundation begins to prepare the work to be presented that consists in the statistical analysis of the results achieved on 196 (One Hundred Ninety-Six) of the patients arrived at the Di Bella Foundation and who have decided to follow the DBM.

The results, in addition to the 20 cases mentioned above, without any doubt should deserve, at least attention:

  • High rates of disease remission in all stages and grades (even without surgery!);
  • Improvement of survival rates after 5 years of diagnosis (50% versus 14% of official statistics) for the cases at a metastatic stage.

Foundation sends the Abstract to the journal (summary of the results to be presented at the conference) and then... is immediately refused! Gently, is listed as "not selected", read bellow part of the received email:

Dear Dr. Giuseppe Di Bella, after careful consideration and review by members of the Committee Abstract of the SIS forthcoming 18th World Congress on Breast Healthcare in Orlando, Florida, October 16-19, 2014 we regret to inform you that your abstract SIS-0767 Entitled Observational RETROSPECTIVE STUDY OF 196 CASES OF BREAST CANCER: Compared to CONVENTIONAL PROTOCOLS, THE BIOLOGICAL THERAPY IMPROVED SURVIVAL, AND PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVE RESPONSE STATUS has not been selected for presentation at the Congress [...]

It is a terrible shame! This time they even failed to give us a reason...

It is not difficult to guess, who is the wise director that is pulling the strings of these so-called "institutions". That's how things go...