Without the Di Bella therapy I am sentenced to death

Published on Monday, 25 March 2013

Luigi Di Bella's doctor.

To Flora Nardelli, ill with cancer, the Court denies the refunds and obliges her to pay 113 mila euro to the ASL.


Bologna, March 13, 2013 - Mrs. Nardelli, when and how have you discovered you were ill?

«In 2000, while doing exams at the Hematology Department of St. Orsola. The verdict was multiple myeloma, a cancer that in my case started from the shoulder blade. I have immediately made chemotherapy and after, autologous bone marrow transplantation. And in 2004 came the second blow: The PET (Positron Emission Tomography, a special examination of nuclear medicine, ed) showed a lung cancer, so I had an operation immediately!».


How did you get to the Di Bella therapy?

«In 2006, the situation did not improve. I was tired, I had labyrinthitis, I felt pain, I could not work. I redid the PET and it was found that the lesions to the bones had spread. The disease had spread. So I asked for a medical examination with a specialist, paying a private visit. He said, 'I studied your medical record and I will let you know in three days'. After eight years I'm still waiting...! Meanwhile, an Otolaryngologist which I got in contact with after a small incident, told me about the Di Bella Multitherapy. And so I went to the medical office of Giuseppe Di Bella, in Via Marconi (Bologna)».


And what happened?

«He studied my case and prepared the treatment, so I said to myself: 'Let's try!».


Has the situation improved?

«After 3-4 months I redid the PET and the lesions had disappeared. Since then, the disease first has regressed, then stopped{jumi [jumi/Player.html]}. Now, I'm fine, I started to work in my place, which is unfortunately in Ferrara and it was damaged by the earthquake. However, the latest PET, a month ago, was successful!».


This brings us to the court issue?

«Yes, of course. Until mid 2007 I paid the treatment, with my sister's help. Then I sued the National Health Service [ Local Health Authority - AUSL Bologna - Italy ] to have it for free, and we ended up in court. In 2008, the first judge, from the Work section, has agreed with us in emergency measure, stating that I was entitled to the care. Then the same judge, in 2009, has agreed with us again in the first grade trial, stating that the National Health Service [ Local Health Authority - AUSL Bologna - Italy ] must reimburse the amount paid out of my pocket, about 30 thousand euro. And so far I had the therapy paid».


Then came the call...

«Yes, the blow. In February, the judges reversed the judgment, giving reason to the National Health Service [ Local Health Authority - AUSL Bologna - Italy ]. The therapy will be no longer paid and I'll have to reimburse 113 thousand euro. For me this is a death sentence. Without the Di Bella Multitherapy the disease will return and I will be dead. A judge had agreed with me, another one gives me blame. This is my life and i want to be free to treat myself. Now I'm fine and they want to take away my care. I have no money to pay for it. This is murder!».



Trancripted by: Alina Mina Leonard

Read here the original article (Italian language) by journalist Gilberto Dondi.